A recent weatherizing grant was awarded the museum for renovations on the old home place.

These two (2) original interior doors came from bedroom, closet or hallway of this wonderful, beautifully
intriguing home that houses the Hank Williams Museum in Georgiana, Alabama.

*  Doors are 7' feet by 36" inches; in exceptionally excellent condition.  (need refinishing)

*  Sold hardwood.  Heavy doors (one person cannot lift these doors)

*  Still have the original glass door knobs and hinges attached.


* 8 Exterior Windows - 34" inches by 44" inches

* 6 Panes each (3 or 4 panes need replacing)

* Frames are rough on some and all need sanding and refinishing/ but very workable.

Suggestion:  As these were used for exterior, they would make beautiful picture frames to keep inside out
of weather.  Or for interior door windows for special cabinet/s or in top half of inside doors.  Again, these
would make great conversational framework to share story with visitors, with plaque relating their origin.


* 8 Chimney bricks that were removed from top of chimney when new roofing was installed this summer.

* ALL bricks still have mortar.  Can either be carefully cleaned of mortar, or mortar left for the ambiance of
their history.  A couple still have some tar from old roofing.

* 8" long by 4" wide and 3" thick... without mortar.
These are available for purchase.
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